About Me



Since 2019 I've dealt with vaginal cysts and was in and out of the gyno until they suggested surgery. Not wanting to go through with surgery, I went to a support group and was lead to more holistic options. Steaming really caught my attention and I decided to try it out the next time the cyst came back . Of course about a few months later the cyst returns and I start to steam. I was able to get rid of it without going to the gyno and I am happy to report I have not had one since. Once I went through this experience, I knew I wanted to learn more about steaming and spread the word to other women. I decided to enroll in a course to further my knowledge and i’m so happy I did.

Aside from the herbs I am also a registered yoga teacher, a full time mom, and a hoodoo enthusiast.

Please reach out if you have any further questions and I look forward to servicing the community ! 💕🧿